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Plein Air Watercolor Painting

I paint outside in the elements and with nature.  A painting is more than the transfer of paint to paper; it is also the transfer of the feeling of that moment in time that is unique to only that time and place.

"Painting Your Place"

Everyone has special places in their life, and special moments that are tied to setting, and I like to go out and capture those places for people.  "Your Place" can be anything from your garden, view from your deck or porch, favorite spot on the beach, or a park you visited for one perfect day with your family.

For All Seasons

While I primarily paint "Plein Air" I do sometimes begin paintings in the environment, but nature can come up with other plans so the paintings are finished at the studio through reference photos.  All of the seasons have so much to give, and those special places can become more special with the colors of autumn or stillness of a winter day.


Peggy Call-Conley's Artist Statement

I paint what intrigues and surrounds me. My eye may be drawn to a shadow’s shape, contrasting light, or subtle color changes. The personal challenge is to complete a sense of place. While painting on location, I aim to capture compatibility with nature; including the energy which exists momentarily: stillness, tension, motion, strength, tranquility or serenity. My subject matter is primarily coastal views in watercolor of landscapes, seascapes and architectural details.

Announcements and Upcoming Shows

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The Look Up Project

Take a look at my new collection of watercolor paintings all done with the theme of "looking up".

There is beauty everywhere

We are amongst some of the most amazing places in the entire country and there is so much to enjoy and appreciate.


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